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Extend the Life of your Hot Tub Pump Seal

Having a good hot tub seal is important to any hot tub pump since a leaking pump seal could mean bad news for you and your spa.  Like any other equipment your hot tub pump seal can wear out over time requiring to be replaced, but choosing the right seal for your hot tub will help it last longer.  There are also some operational and installation tips that can help extend the life of your seal. Related posts (by relevance): […]

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Debris from Hot Tub Jets

Turning on your hot tub jets and having debris spew out is never a good experience for a spa owner.  Luckily, most times this is a fairly easy fix once you find the root of the problem. There are a few things that could be causing debris to come out of your hot tub jets. Related posts (by relevance): Jets, Jets, Jets

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Replacing My Spa Pack

Your Spa Pack is basically the brains, or motherboard of your spa. Its job is controlling all your spas components like your pump, heater, lights, and more. As the main control system, having a Spa Pack that is in good condition and working properly is very important. Thousands of spas are thrown out each year because of bad control systems, when the shell and cabinet are fine. Typically, you can save yourself thousands of dollars by simply replacing your control […]

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Hot Tub Leak Repair

Having a leak in your hot tub can be a real pain, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for and how to find it. Following a few simple steps, you should be able to find the source of the leak and be able to decide how to proceed with a repair, without a lot of headache. Before beginning your search for a leak be sure to disconnect all power to the hot tub. Once you are inside the […]

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