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Cleaning Your Hot Tub Cover

Hot tub cleaning is important for the vitality of your investment and most hot tub and spa owners have no problem adhering to a cleaning schedule. One aspect that may be getting neglected in the scope of hot tub hygiene and cleanliness is regarding one of the most important elements of ahot tub set up: the hot tub cover. Cleaning your hot tub cover regularly is a great way to increase its life span and make your job as a […]

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Moldy Hot Tub Covers

Well, just the title of this article sounds gross because no one likes mold, but unfortunately it is a problem that is encountered far too often by hot tub owners, many who don’t even realize that is they may have a mold problem. It is very important to clean your hot tub cover regularly to not only avoid dirt and dust build up but also mold and mildew growth.Dirt and dust on your cover may not seem like a big […]

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What Should I Look for in a Spa Cover?

When looking to purchase a new or replacement hot tub cover, you will find that there are hundreds of sellers trying to get your business. Although price is an important factor, there are several other things that you should look for when determining which cover to purchase. Also a standard cover may not meet all your specific needs so it is also important to consider options and upgrades specific to your hot tub cover needs. Foam Thickness Most covers you […]

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Do I Need a Hot Tub Cover?

Long time hot tub owners know the importance of a durable spa cover, but many new owners may still be on the fence about whether to spend more money on a spa cover after having already invested in a hot tub. After depositing quite a good chunk of money purchasing, installing and setting up the hot tub, they’re likely to balk at the idea of spending even more money and therefore opt for cheap alternatives such as plastic or rubber […]

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